A Gentle Brand to Help Death and Dying Feel OK
by Brian Hayden
November 18, 2022

I’m so impressed by the brand that Lovers created in partnership with Poppy’s Funerals. The images, typography, colors…all of it. They stir up such different feelings in me than the traditional funeral branding, so I want to shine a light on this work.

Here’s a gallery of the work, which stands on it’s own. There’s more detail about the business and work below.

Here’s how Poppy’s describes their business on the website:

We are a funeral directors in London on a mission to give people the funeral they want, need and can feel proud of. We prioritise choice, flexibility and access to information, ensuring you make the decisions that are right for you. At Poppy’s, we care about doing the right thing – creating funerals how they ought to be for you, for the person who’s died and for the planet.

Lovers is the branding firm that did the work. Here’s how they describe themselves:

We’re a creative supergroup built in a very special way to help brands inspire people.

For a deeper dive on the branding process and relationship between the companies, check out this portfolio page on the Lovers website.

I would love to see more death care companies take branding risks like this. It’s so exciting and different, while remaining tasteful and respectful of the work and people involved. A big thank you to the people to made it happen. I feel inspired and hope it inspires others.