Infrastructure Builders.

We met at Babson College in 2006 and spent the next fifteen years training solar energy installers as the industry grew exponentially. We want those same kind of changes for eldercare, estate planning, senior housing, and deathcare.

This is Brian.


Brian Hayden  |  Course & Podcast Producer

Two podcasts inspired the creation of “Redesigning the End”. The first was BJ Miller’s “What Really Matters at the End of Life“. Down the rabbit hole I went. The second was Planet Money’s “The Town that Loves Death“.

My experience at HeatSpring and teaching were essential in forming the vision for what to build, but the skills and perspective that brought me to this work were learned from my parents and grandparents.

“Redesigning the End” is a thirty-year project that is in the early days. I’m so excited to be doing this work and look forward to connecting with all of the interesting people we’ll meet along the way.