“Sometimes in our healthcare experiences we just feel like numbers in an office, you know, running through, not getting enough time to say what we wanted to say or get our questions answered. And that’s a symptom of healthcare not being human.”

Lane Therrell FNP-BC, MSN, RN, HTCP

Clinical Education Director, mynurse.ai

Do you have a primary care doctor that you love? If you do, I’m jealous.

Sometimes I daydream about finding a great primary care doctor. He takes my insurance. It’s easy and casual to have an appointment so I go in for little stuff. Over the years he really gets to know me and after every visit I walk out feeling really dialed in on my health. He makes sure I’m getting all the tests I need and generally nudges me toward a healthier lifestyle.

In reality, I don’t even really know who my primary care doctor is. They keep leaving the health system, so I basically have the equivalent of a court-appointed public defender that I’ve been assigned and that’s the name that I put on forms. There’s no real relationship there.

My situation is pretty common.

The Association of American Medical Colleges put out a report in 2020 that says we’ll have a shortfall of 55,000 primare care doctors in the U.S. by 2033.

This episode is about a company that is trying to close the shortfall of primary care doctors with software. And I think what their approach makes a lot of sense.

About the Company: mynurse.ai

As Clinical Team Lead at Salusive Health, a telehealth startup, Lane Therrell combines her education and experience as a nurse practitioner with her skills as an educator and coach, to manage a team of wellness coaches who support the chronic care needs of Medicare patients between office visits.

mynurse.ai is digital health program helping seniors with chronic conditions live their best lives.

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