New Course – How Changes to Medicare & Medicaid Impact Financial Planning and Estate Plans
by Brian Hayden
February 24, 2021

On March 24th Lisa Horowitz is giving a presentation on how Medicare changed in 2021. She’ll also explain new caregiver reimbursements available through Medicaid, how COVID has impacted estate plans, and a new Medicare benefit for advance care planning is available through your doctor.

We’re doing this for estate planning attorneys, financial planners, social workers and caregivers. Healthcare costs are a huge factor in estate planning, but there’s so much complexity and uncertainty around it. Financial models are based on estimates, and highly informed assumptions make for more accurate models.

We don’t expect to make you an expert in an hour, but our goal is to give you at least one actionable tip that will benefit your clients. One money or time saving strategy that helps you level-up.

Here are some things Lisa will cover in her presentation:

  • Review of Medicare
  • Part A changes for 2021
  • Part B changes for 2021 – premium adjustments, new charges
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Part C (Medicare Advantage) – premium changes
  • Part D changes for 2021
  • Coverage for advance care planning conversation
  • New Medicaid coverage for family caregiving

The presentation will be recorded and available if you can’t make it live, but audience Q&A is where you can ask questions and get Lisa’s take. She doesn’t know everything, but she’s seen a lot in her 30 year career and is here for you. She knows a lot about Medicare – a federal program – and Medicaid in New York. Over the next month she’s going to be brushing up on Medicaid in other states to prepare for your questions.

Medicare spending is a big deal. According to the Center for Medicare Spendng, Medicare spending grew 6.7% to $799.4 billion in 2019. Among major payers, Medicare is expected to experience the fastest spending growth (7.6 percent per year over 2019-28), largely as a result of having the highest projected enrollment growth.

Photo by Gustavo Alves