How to Host a Virtual Funeral

February 10, 2021  |  12pm Eastern

CEUs & Recorded Presentation Available to All Registrants

The fundamentals of grief and memorialization are universal, but new approaches to funerals, burial, and memorialization are gaining mainstream acceptance.

This moment represents an opportunity for funeral service providers and faith communities to shift toward a more sustainable and profitable product mix, while simultaneously providing customers with a better experience. In this workshop we’ll learn how to host a virtual funeral that delights customers. 

Christina Andreola from GatheringUs will show you the toolkit that their virtual funeral planners use to deliver award-winning virtual funerals. Whether you’re new to the business or looking for new approaches and partners – this presentation will inspire and instruct you on how to develop in your career.

      Presented By:

      Christina Andreola

      Presentation Topics:

      • Brief breakdown of what GatheringUs is doing
      • How GatheringUs has presented themselves to consumers and works with Funeral professionals
      • Best practices learned in doing virtual funerals:
        – accounted issues
        – camera, clarity
        – managing the client/ setting expectations
      • Distinctions of virtual events in practice
      • Skills that they thought they needed vs what they ACTUALLY need.

      Continuing Education Credits Available

      Email [email protected] with questions or to request a certificate of completion.

      Event Details & Logistics

      This free webinar is designed to provide guidance and ideas for:

      • Funeral directors
      • Faith communities
      • Death Doulas
      • Healthcare and hospice nurses
      • Celebrants
      • Caretakers
      • Entrepreneurs

      It will be an interactive discussion with time for Q&A.

        This workshop will be recorded and an edited version of the presentation will be available for all registrants.


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