” People are looking hungrily for anything that can give them a sense of efficacy in a world that doesn’t seem to care what they think.”

Walt Patrick

Herland Forest Natural Burial Cemetery

Green Burial basically means no embalming, no concrete vault, no coffin. It’s how people did things for millennia, but today it represents just a tiny fraction of the overall market. Why?

Meet Walt Patrick

Walt is one of the founders of Herland Natural Burial Cemetery in Wahkaicus, WA. He’s also the first licensed natural organic reduction operator in the country.

He’s going to introduce you to green burial and make the case for why he’s dedicated much of his life to making it available and affordable to anybody who likes it.

Green Burial

Green burial is less expensive and better for the environment than embalming or cremation. And it kind of flips the relationship you have with the body on it’s head.

This episode is not meant as a critique of funeral directors or decisions made by grieving family members or make anyone feel like they’ve done anything wrong. I don’t have an axe to grind, nobody is sponsoring the show – there’s no hidden agenda here.

Maybe it’s for you and maybe it’s not – but you should definitely spend a few minutes leaning what it it is.

Pat Cupples provided original music for this episode. Additional music is from the band Hotels & Highways.