10 Legal Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents
by Brian Hayden
July 21, 2022

My grandma died last week (that’s a picture of us above). She lived a long life and had gotten very sick, so her passing was a great relief for her and my family. I enjoyed spending time with my parents, talking about getting older and participating in the logistics of the funeral, burial and celebration.

My parents were caregivers for the past ten years and they’ve learned so much about getting older, taking care of somebody you love, and the logistics of aging. They logged hundreds of hours with doctors, lawyers and financial advisors – but always hoped for more productive dialogue with my grandma. That was always the hardest part.

This video from Liza Hanks won’t make caregiving – or the death of somebody you love – easy. But it lays out the crucial conversations you should be having and offers advice on how to approach them.

Liza Hanks writes bestselling DIY legal books for NOLO, including “Every Californian’s Guide to Estate Planning” and “The Trustee’s Legal Companion“. She produces the Women & Wills Podcast, has a YouTube channel, and a great newsletter. She’s such an incredible resource. I hope you consider investing some time into one of her classes.

You know this stuff is important. It also feels really good to do something proactive about it.

Above photo: Me with my grandma on a sunny day in the park (May 2021)