Sharon McRill is the founder and owner of the Betty Brigade. Her book, Downsizing the Silver Tsunami is the compilation of 16 years of working with thousands of clients and helping them resolve the moving problems and logistical and vendor questions that come up every day. They have put together a comprehensive reference tool that you can refer to over and over to help you navigate the difficult pathways of moving and downsizing.

Sharon McRill

In this episode you’re going to learn what happens to all of your stuff when you move into senior housing. It’s an introduction to what Sharon calls, the “Food Chain of Stuff”.

This episode was produced by me. Pat Cupples provided original music with additional music from the band Hotels & Highways.

The fact that you’re listening means you see the opportunity. To redesign the intersection of eldercare, senior housing, estate planning, and deathcare. 

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Photo by v2osk on Unsplash